KOOH Sports conducts the Speedstar event under the aegis of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), which is the apex body in Athletics in India and is responsible for promoting the sport, managing the athletes and conducts regular competitions in the country.

AFI supports KOOH Sports with their highly specialized event officials who assist in conducting the race events. They also facilitate KOOH Sports in selecting the right grounds for Speedstar that come equipped with facilities and meet international standards.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the Founding Sponsor for the Speedstar 2. Believing in KOOH Sports’ vision and also driven by the interest to make a difference to the way sports is adopted in the country, TCS, one of the largest corporate houses in the country has extended its support to the event.
TIMES NOW India’s No. 1 English News channel for over 5 years. A channel that stands for credibility and unbiased approach in bringing news and reportage to the viewers. Sharp, incisive and direct, it is the nation’s voice in news. Epitomising the new-age news channel, aggressive, fast-paced, bold and different, TIMES NOW engages with viewers across 45 countries. Within two years of its launch, TIMES NOW became the No. 1 English news channel in India, outrunning its more established rivals. Its investigative journalists have been credited with several exposés which have led to judicial enquiries and convictions, thereby awakening the very souls of its viewers. The channel prides itself at being a fearless crusader. Day-after-day it brings the most burning issues to the fore, debating them with their stakeholders, driving and following them to their logical conclusions and thereby delivering true & complete picture to its viewers.

TIMES NOW will help KOOH Sports maximize the reach of Speedstar Season 2 across the country.
Special Olympics Bharat (SOB)
KOOH Sports and Special Olympics Bharat (SOB) announced a three-year association that will enable both the organisations to leverage individual capabilities and competences and support each other for unified development of sports at the grass root level in India.

Special Olympics Bharat offers training and competition opportunities in 24 Olympic-style individual and team sports for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Speedstar 2 will feature participation from SOB athletes and both the organisations will work together to make the second season a much bigger success.
Sports Credentials - Athletics Training Partner
Sports Credentials has partnered with KOOH Sports for the initiative and will support the cause by providing training to the deserving talent identified through the nation-wide hunt. Sharon Hannan, Director Sports Credentials was the Coach of the London Olympics (2012) winner Sally Pearson. The Speedstar Season 1 winners got a chance to personally train with her in a week long intensive training session conducted at Australia.

This year she continues her support to the initiative by providing the Season 2 winners a chance to personally train with her in Australia!
Yuva Unstoppable comes on board KOOH Sports as its NGO partner. Yuva Unstoppable is a registered non-government organisation(NGO), working for the less privileged children of India, through mobilisation of youth and resources. Yuva will assist KOOH Sports in its initiative to reach out to the kids at the grassroots levels. Yuva will also help in extending the reach of the Speedstar event across its network.
Yuva Unstoppable: NGO partner
City Heritage: Ahmedabad City partner
City Heritage Center comes aboard KOOH Sports as its Ahmedabad city partner. City Heritage Center is formed to help protect, preserve and restore Heritage Buildings on a Continuous basis by channelizing the talent and efforts of all those interested in heritage conservation. City Heritage Center will help KOOH Sports in extending its reach to the grassroots level and also help in garnering more registrations for the Speedstar event.
Swishin: Event partner
Swishin joins hands with KOOH Sports as its Event partner for the Jaipur city event. Swishin will assist KOOH Sports in maximing reach and registrations for the Speedstar event.
MNR Scottsdale: Hyderabad city sponsor
MNR Scottsdale comes on board as the city sponsor for Speedstar Season 2 in Hyderabad. The school shares our belief in the importance of athletics in shaping up the foundation of sports in the country.
Griffith University - Academy Partner
Since its inception in 1975, Griffith University has been regarded as one of Australia's most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. The University has partnered with KOOH Sports and will be assisting in our endeavor to build a platform for the deserving talent of our country.

Griffith University will be hosting the Speedstar Season 2 winners during their stay in Australia.
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